Calls for Projects

Call for Data-Intensive Research Projects 2019:

The ilifu consortium invites proposals for data-intensive research projects that make use of DIRISA-supported resources on the ilifu cloud computing facility.

1st October 2019

Conditions and eligibility
The principal investigator / project lead must be a researcher at an ilifu partner institution (University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Stellenbosch University, Sol Plaatje University and South African Radio Astronomy Observatory).

Participation in projects and access to facilities is open to all collaborators regardless of affiliation. Proposals in any area of data intensive astronomy and bioinformatics research are welcome.

Collaborative proposals involving multi-disciplinary teams from multiple partners are allowed and encouraged.

Proposal format

The proposal should be no more than four pages total and address the following:

  1. Identification of project lead, project team members and their role. (0.5 page max)
  2. Description of the science objectives, data intensive research challenges and expected outcomes (2 page max)
  3.  Project Plan (1 page max)
  4. Technical Resources Required (1 page max)
    1. Computing resources required. This should include an estimate of the number of nodes / cpus / gpus, the amount of time they will be required and how the allocation will be used. For example, whether it will be needed on a continuous basis or used at particular times during the allocation period. You should provide details of how the requirements have been calculated.
    2. Storage requirements and what the storage will be used for. This should include timeline for storage needs in the first year and a projection beyond the first year along with the rate at which storage needs will increase from the start of the allocation.
    3. Indicate the impact that a 50% smaller allocation in computing and/or storage than has been requested would have on your research.
    4. Your software requirements and whether code will execute in parallel (and if so which model of parallelism will be employed).
    5.  PIs of existing ilifu/IDIA/CBIO projects should indicate as such and the names of such projects.

Download the pdf version of the call for more information.