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Research data management

A well-considered research data management programme is the foundation of an open and collaborative culture of data-intensive research and innovation. Both access to and visibility of data and the enhanced reputation of the researcher are identified as key elements of success.

The aims of this project are to engage closely with researchers to identify the needs of users across multiple disciplines, to measure the perceived hurdles in the use of the infrastructure and to ultimately inform an advocacy programme that responds to those needs and raises awareness of the benefits of data sharing and open science in the data-intensive research environment.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop policy on data archiving, accessibility and reuse to govern future use of the Ilifu infrastructure.
  • Develop guidelines to facilitate the deployment of user-friendly infrastructure tools, interfaces and services.
  • Develop an advocacy programme on the benefits of data sharing and the services provided.
  • Place postgraduate students and mid-career training delegates with projects supported by the facility in work-integrated learning programmes to implement research data management policies and services.

Working groups comprising representatives from all consortium partners will deal with the following topics:

  • Governance, data policy and infrastructure services
  • Standards, interoperability, certification and archiving
  • Open science, open access, ethics, legal framework and authorisation for reuse
  • Advocacy and training