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Ilifu Research Data Management and Open Science Guidelines

The ILIFU Research Data Management Project is part of an overall collaborative venture on the use of data-intensive handling facilities by researchers at six partner institutions in the Western and Northern Cape. The goal is to provide researchers and scientists with advanced research data management facilities which enables data processing, storage, curation and storage for re-use and sharing. 

These guidelines have been developed to provide support to researchers and scientist working/using the facility wishing to follow best practices and enable data visibility and it sharing. With the accompanying tools and services to be provisioned in the course of the project, such as the ILIFU Data Catalogue/s, these generic guidelines provide initial support to aid better data discoverability.

Download the guidelines.


Ilifu User-supplied Equipment Resource Allocation Policy

The Ilifu computing equipment is comprised of equipment funded directly from the Data-Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA) grant as well as various institutional /user-supplied contributions. This document provides the high-level policy for resource allocation of such user-supplied equipment.

Download the policy